John Sexton Essay Contest

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Scholarship Description

The John Sexton Scholars Program invites high school students (grades 9-12) across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to participate in the John Sexton Essay Contest. The competition challenges students to write an original and creative research essay for the following prompt: Currently, there are over 80 million displaced people in the world. Experts agree that climate change will cause a much larger refugee crisis in the coming decades. Make recommendations to inform global efforts to address this complex, impending emergency based on the Rohingya refugee crisis, as well as at least one other mass displacement.

Essay must not exceed 500 words (excluding in-text citations), must have at least three varied sources, such as newspapers and journal articles, books TED Talks, videos, documentaries, government websites and JS Scholars interviews. Sources must be documented with in-text citations and a bibliography. Only one entry per student per year will be accepted. Scholarship Search