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disABLEDperson, Inc. National Scholarship for College Students with Disabilities


March 31, 2024

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  • In order to qualify for the disABLEDperson Scholarship, the student must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 years accredited college or university in the United States of America. They must be a matriculated student and attending school full-time and U.S. citizen. Part-time status is acceptable as long as the part-time attendance is due to their disability and not their financial situation (minimum of 6 credits for undergraduate, 6 credits for graduate). This is not available to high school students.

    DisABLEDperson, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the high unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities. We’ve been doing this since 2002, and to date we have more than 300,000 jobs available for searching. Unlike other disability job boards, we don’t send out spiders to aggregate job listings from other web sites. We work ith proactive employers to secure available positions. DisABLEDperson Inc. is an organization that also conducts scholarships for college students with disabilities.
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Wolfgang S  on 5/5/2023 12:33:17 PM

Would an MBA qualify?

Crystal D  on 5/2/2023 10:18:07 AM

Hi I am a full time student at Lancaster Bible College I have Spondolpipjeal Dysplasia and Severe Scoliosis of the Spine I have a 3.80 GPA. I am applying because I am in need of financial help to be able to continue I am in my 3rd Year. I pray that would be able to continue and graduate to I can help other people who are disabled. Thank You in Advance.

Joseph I  on 2/21/2023 12:11:22 AM

I am a returning student with bipolar disorder type 2. I wish there were more scholarships like this when I was in school the first time. But, I'm glad these are here, now. I'm applying.

Eugene K  on 2/9/2023 12:19:16 PM

I'm going to try this myself because I have always had financial aid and struggled to keep up with bills and rent to chase my dream of fashion design. It's because I am deaf and I haven't yet received one scholarship that I attend to any college because nobody told me about this or share it with me. Now, this first time I have seen the application for disability I am gonna give it try to apply for this Scholarship.

Jake P  on 2/6/2023 5:17:57 PM

My name is Jake Pimentel and I'm autistic person attending first year in college, I did well in my first semester in college My dream is to become a Graphic Designer that's the reason I am looking for any scholarship available to help me complete my dream.

Connor L  on 2/4/2023 10:10:45 AM

I'm going to apply for this Scholarship. I am a Psychology major and working towards becoming a Psychologist. I have hearing loss in my left ear due to emotional abuse and have been Diagnosed with PTSD. My main focus will be creating innovative treatments for Psychological Trauma.

Cynthia H  on 12/18/2022 3:44:14 PM

Yes, I applied, and I hope to win.

Brian O.  on 11/30/2022 2:30:27 PM

I am so glad to read the posts from so many who have overcome the difficulties life has brought. You have already demonstrated your mettle. Continue to prove to the world what a differently-Abled person can do.

Daquan Harrison  on 11/25/2022 2:09:50 PM

My name is Daquan Harrison. I am a 21-year-old adult who has high-functioning autism and I am currently a Towson University student attending Theater Classes. I am looking forward to qualifying for this scholarship to avoid loans.

Gavin D  on 9/9/2022 4:45:21 PM

I am looking for any financial scholarship available to me to help me through my studies. I have ADHD and have had to use many resources throught my schooling and it has been very helpful and beneficial to my progression to this point. Most students struggle financially during this time and would welcome any help awarded to me.

Jacob B  on 3/21/2022 11:25:34 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because I have Type 1 Diabetes and hearing loss in right ear. I will be a sophmore at Marshall University next year going into anthropology but always worry about money due to having certain things on hand with my blood sugar dropping which causes me to always worry. My diabetes and hearing loss has made school very difficult my entire life even with hearing aids. The cost of college is so much and I would appreciate any money that could help me get my degree in anthropolgy so I can presume my education without anxieties. My parents are disabled but tries to help when they can. Thank you

Bryanna E  on 3/17/2022 3:20:13 PM

Hello, my name is Bryanna. I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-Law, May 2022 I have hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, and left side hemiplegia, however, I think of myself as Differently-Abled! I plan on continuing my education to get a Master's in Science-Cyber Security.

Emma Banks  on 12/19/2021 9:59:50 AM

I’m excited to have the opportunity to apply for your scholarship. I have so many autoimmune disorders my doctors have referred to me as one in one hundred million and to be alive is a miracle; to actually have the opportunity to attend college, well that’s my dream!

William V  on 12/14/2021 10:23:53 AM

Hello thank you for allowing me the opportunity to apply for your scholarship. I am 19 years old and am in my 2nd semester of my freshman year of college in the computer sciences program. I have a C5 incomplete spinal cord injury due to a diving accident when I was 14 years old. My physical limitations causes hardship on me to complete assignments, but I do persevere and get them done. Being granted a scholarship will help me complete my bachelors degree and allow me to pursue my masters. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Alison M  on 2/12/2021 3:51:34 PM

Hello my name is Alison and I am a freshman in college. I suffer from depression and anxiety and this first year of college has been especially difficult. I am majoring in psychology and hoping to go onto grad school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I want to be able to help people like myself and give them a safe space to be heard and understood. College is quite stressful for many reasons and one of them being financial reasons. Winning a scholarship can help take away some of that stress and anything helps. Thank You!

Heather Smith  on 2/10/2021 6:57:49 PM

Thank you for the chance to be able to apply and possibly help me with school finances.

Tara b  on 2/10/2021 12:29:34 PM

Hello my name is Tara and I have entered school after 20 years. I have anxiety and something called RSD which is a chronic pain disorder. I am entering in March to become a drug and alcohol counselor. I have been on disability since 2009 and ready to enter the job market again.

Keith F.  on 2/7/2021 5:16:43 PM

Hello; My name is Keith Foster, I am starting my collage years late in life. I am 58 and want to make a change in life. I was diagnosed with M.S. 3 weeks ago. I am enrolling in Perdue University Online . I am going to study in Psychology-Applied Behavior Analysis. I want to be able to counsel individuals or groups with help in the mental and behavior aspects in their lives. I have wanted to do this for a while now, with my studies it will be allow me to also help myself and family. I may have M.S. and other disabilities. I am excited to make this change in my life. With this Scholarship it will help me financially to complete this step. Thank You Keith Foster

cierra s  on 1/28/2021 2:24:06 AM

I'm a 27 year old(almost 28) College Senior and almost done with my Bachelor's Degree. I suffer from Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder type 1 and have had my share of ups and down for my college life from jobs with the COVID, severe allergies causing me to be sick a lot and my disabilities fighting against me the whole time. I wish to finish my college and get my degree but with the struggle at the moment with jobs and the world happening it is hard to keep myself from falling into a dark mindset half the time. Getting some scholarship help would ease my mind and help me pay off some loans that I had to get due to me being limited with how much money I can make.

Trinity P  on 1/27/2021 6:39:27 PM

Hi, I am a freshman in college. I grew up without my father and my mother is skitz and bipolar and has clinical depression. My brother was also met with the same fate. I would really like to make her and him proud and accomplish what I want to do.

Maya J  on 1/26/2021 7:06:37 AM

Hello, My name is Maya Joseph. I'm a 18 year old college student who was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and epilepsy. Throughout my first year of my college career my health has taken a toll on me during my first semester, but I don't let it take over my accomplishes because I know I am bound to succeed and follow my dream to become a nurse. From my experiences I am willing to help others like me that goes through the same thing as me.

Meredith K  on 1/25/2021 5:51:26 PM

I was derailed by Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety in 2010 when "life happened" to my family and I had no support or coping skills. I love my family, but they do not believe in antidepressants nor therapy. I was told that I couldnt be part of the family and drop out of college, so I kept going while NOT getting the care I needed. My GPA tanked and so did my self-esteem. I was later hospitalized for depression. I have since established care and want to go back to school now that I am well. When your GPA is below a certain number, the government won't give loans--so this scholarship would allow me to COMPLETE my bachelor's in 2021.

Esmeralda Lopez  on 1/21/2021 3:14:13 AM

I am 24 years old, and school has not been easy for me I suffer from Bipolar Disorder II and Anxiety. I am currently attending Compton College but it is not very easy for me beacuse my depresión can hit very low to the point were I get suicidal thoughts,I have been hospitalized twice now in a mental illness hospital.Something that keeps me motivated is School I really want a degree and to be the first one in my family to Graduate with a Degree in Political Science,but I can’t afford to pay for college,medicine, psychiatrists and my therapist. Right now I am still trying to finish paying off my hospital bills. I know I can do this but I just need an extra help, Thank you for making me feel like there is still hope and chances.

Cullen J  on 1/19/2021 3:56:17 PM

Hi I am finishing my 2 year degree and transferring to a 4 year college as a junior to obtain a business degree. I have CAPD diagnosed as a 2 year old. I have had many learning challenges but I know what is needed to succeed. Since COVID I have not had in person tutoring which makes things a little harder. My path is different but I know I will reach my goal and be successful.

Kendra Miranda  on 1/19/2021 11:01:29 AM

Hello, My name is Kendra Miranda and I am a junior at Andrew's University in Michigan. Since my high school career, I have had several diagnoses such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Chiari Malformation, CRPS, and syringomyelia. In the last 2 years, I have had 4 surgeries, of which I am in recovery for at the moment. I began nursing school in hopes of being able to give back to humanity hope of restoration and healing, but had to drop out this last semester and switch to a Psychology major which I am now happily pursuing and am hoping to graduate in December and go on to PA school. This scholarship will help to cover schooling expenses that have piled up under the unexpected medical expenses from these recent surgeries. Despite the pain and uncertainties, I have seen my experience speak life and hope into several colleagues, friends, and strangers as I have presented in Nursing classes, and in different settings, even personal conversations to help bring awareness to silent/invisible disabilities.

Alexia C  on 1/18/2021 10:34:07 AM

Hello my name is Alexia Ciorba. I go to four-year university called University of North Florida. And I have a few disabilities like cerebral palsy, prone to strokes, An anxiety disorder. All of this really does take a toll on a person but I am willing to work through it.

Bailey W  on 1/17/2021 11:56:33 AM

I finished my associate's degree in May of 2020 and I have been working full-time as a paraprofessional for kids with the same disabilities that I have. I'm the first to graduate in my family. Covid affected my starting on my bachelor's degree but I get to start in the fall!

Briana C  on 1/16/2021 6:23:16 PM

Hello, My name is Briana. I am currently in my 5th year of my Bachelor's Degree and I will have to continue on for a 6th year part-time to finish my degree. I have struggled with ADD my entire life, leading to me having trouble focusing in class, reading textbook assignments, and completing work that has felt nearly impossible. In my second year of college, I developed major depression. During my third year grades plummeted, I started medication, attempted suicide, stayed in a psychiatric hospital for 8 days, then somehow managed to finish the semester strong. I faced many setbacks and went through very long depressive episodes where I could barely handle taking care of myself much less keep up with all my classes. I ended up switching majors and in my 5th year, I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 as well as ADD and started an entire line up of new medications where I had side effects like excessive sleepiness, hallucinations upon waking up, lack of motivation, and fatigue. This caused me to fall drastically behind leading me to have to go into the 6th year of university. I am a very capable student and I am determined to overcome my mental disabilities and finish school but now with another year ahead of me, my biggest obstacle is financing. I was so pleased to see that there are organizations that provide scholarships for people like me because mental health causes a huge strain on completing a degree.

Olivia M  on 1/15/2021 1:23:25 PM

Hello, I'm Olivia Mulback and right now I am a senior in high school getting ready for my first year at Troy University to become a psychologist. The last couple of years of school haven't been the easiest for me with my learning disability (Dyslexia, and ADHD). Since Alabama has only acknowledged dyslexia as a learning disability for only a few years compared to many other states, they don't have good resources in school to help students be successful in learning the way that fits them best. In the end, I have overcome many obstacles which have made me more independent and prepared me for college and life after high school. At this moment I don't have much money going to my college fund as of now and have to pull out a student loan for most of my college and could really use this scholarship to help.

Ruth O  on 1/14/2021 11:50:16 AM

Hi, my name is Ruth and I am 18 years old I have a learning disability, my LD is mostly in Math where I sometimes mix my numbers up and Math, In general, is pretty difficult for me. Now that I am starting the spring semester I cannot work full time anymore because I have to dedicate my time to school. this scholarship would help me so much especially since I come from an immigrant, low-income family.

Juan G  on 1/11/2021 11:14:57 AM

Hello, My name is Juan Carlos Garcia, I am a sophomore in college. I have a learning disability with an Individual Education plan. I currently have a part time schedule, due to the way I learn and process. I am majoring in business, my dream is to become a manager for the basketball team for any Junior college. My mom is a single parent who strives to makes ends meet. Paycheck to paycheck. I would like to help my mom be able to live a peaceful life without over working herself. In order to help I need a education to have a good paying job. I would like to win this scholarship to pay for my classes to succeed. My only income is SSI, it pays my food and bills.

Tyler C  on 1/7/2021 1:23:55 PM

My name is tyler cool. I am trying to go to stark state college to major in chemical dependency. I am currently trache and vent dependent at night and I was also born with spina bifida so I have had a number of neurological issues. I have had a total of 28 surgeries from birth until today. I was in the hospital for 10.5 months with lung issues where I was placed with a trache and vent but I want to further my education and find as way I can make a difference in the world but helping with the drug epedemic

Destinee G  on 1/3/2021 9:54:18 PM

Hello. My name is Destinee Grim. I am a 5th year senior studying Psychology at Tuskegee University. I have been a Type 1 diabetic since I was 13 years old, and I am also battling epilepsy, chronic depression, severe anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Battling these conditions made working and attending school ten times harder than it is for my counterparts. In the past year, I have had 57 seizures, including one during my driving test that nearly injured both myself and the instructor. Some days I cannot even get out of the bed because I am so afraid of rejection and failure. I often spend my days obsessing over numbers or scrubbing myself with alcohol until I bleed, because it convinces my mind that I am clean and organized in that moment. Every day I have to remind myself that no matter how hard it is to deal with seizures, diabetes and an ever-racing mind, I can still become something. Even when the black hole that is my depression is telling me I will never succeed and I am worth absolutely nothing, I still physically tell myself to keep going because that black hole has no room for a bright light like me. I am still struggling to believe that the last statement is true. Being the first in my family to graduate college will help me feel like I have overcome something and will give me the ability to offer mental help to the people in my community. Winning this scholarship would help me pay for the Spring 2021 semester and push me one step closer to making that a reality for myself.

Brandy K  on 1/1/2021 12:00:33 PM

Hello. I am a 40 year old single mother that would be the first in my immediate family to graduate college with a diagnosis of CRPS/Reflex sympathetic dystrophy. This is nicknamed the Suicide disease by Drs and is a rare condition After a life altering car accident I have volunteered and worked part time in my community advocating for mental health treatment, substance use disorders, as well as disability rights. I am unable to work or go to school full time due to my disabilities and am on social security disability. However I want to further my education to become a therapist to help others have a sense of belonging, as this is something I have struggled with since my car accident. I want to ensure I can help others not feel this in the future, and create this for myself with help with an opportunity for higher education.

Jasmine T  on 12/27/2020 11:18:23 PM

Hello, My name is Jasmine Thomas. I just finished my associate degree in accounting and starting my junior year at a 4-year college. At this point in my life, I have two disabilities- health (diabetes and anxiety disorder ) and learning. I am a single mother of two. I would like to win this scholarship to better my kids and my future. I am the first of my mother and father's kids to go to college. Since I was young I liked math and like people say “do what you love”. The only school that I can attend in Rockford is a very expensive private college. I do not have any money to pay for college due to the fact that I am on ssi. I do not have parents that can help because I was in the state system.

makenna sciandra  on 12/27/2020 7:47:39 AM

I;m a 21 year old college student navigating my way through several disabilities, i have big aspirations to become an epidemiologist but my learning disability makes it really tough. throughout my college career my Bipolar Disorder has taken me on a lot of ups and downs, but i am determined to master my moods and become a strong and powerful person that accomplishes great things and can help people from my experiences.

Mea G.  on 12/23/2020 12:04:00 AM

I am a 22 year old American of African heritage who was diagnosed of Asperger's. My college journey has not been easy but after moving from a small school to a large one I am nolonger called names or treated badly. I live off campus due to space issues. I can not work and attend school @ the same time. Before COVID I would volunteer in the campus food pantry one day a week. I am seeking financial help due to family income decrease after income loss. I am a full time graduate student as I know a Bachelors is not enough to secure sustainable employment. My spring semester is $4,102.05 and due to no taxable employment history I am unable to secure a loan. GPA requirement of 3.0 and no more than 6 hours of C grade. I need help so I can continue to keep my head above water.

Latonya Hadnot  on 12/10/2020 7:17:48 PM

I my name is Latonya Hadnot . I have been in college since 2014 and I received my Bachelors Degree and working on my Masters. I currently suffer with a work disability. I was diagnosed in 2010. I also take medication for depression and I take medication for my a learning disability. Since Corona virus 19 I haven't been able to afford my books and other materials that are necessary for college. Since I have a learning disability I have to purchase my books every 8 wks.. I only get 972.00 a month that takes all my money paying bills. I am asking for this scholarship to get help to be able to buy my books and other material that is needed so I can graduate August 2021.

Isiah C  on 12/7/2020 1:31:45 PM

My name Isiah Crawford. I am 18 years old. I graduated from TX School for the Deaf this year. I am try to go to college, but I need money for dorm and books. I play football in school and I liked it alot. Hearing is hard for me. I have a hard time with reading because of being in hearing school for a lot of time. The teacher not help me a lot and I struggle. I want to go for college and learn to work on computers and make games. My mom is alone and my dad won't help me pay for college. I know I can do good if I can get help with paying for school. I work hard and graduate. Now I want school and job. I just need a chance. I know I will do good because I am not stop and keep working hard for myself. Having hard of hearing make my life hard, but not impossible. I learn that hard work can make me go far. I will never stop working hard because I know it will take me to better places.

Brandice L  on 10/11/2020 1:07:25 PM

Greetings, I would first like to thank disABLEDperson, Inc. National Scholarship for College Students with Disabilities for offering this award. I am currently enrolled at USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. This is a (2) year vigorous program that is currently ranked #2 in the country and the world. As such, this sets me apart from all the other applicants. I have been through many obstacles physically, emotionally, and health wise with all the the trails and tribulations. However, I made it and I would be honored to be a beneficiary of this scholarship. I am a fighter, a leader, an Aunt, a daughter, a confident individual that is willing to be apart of a change around the world dealing with making Public Policy a passion for all of us who suffer from chronic illness. Sincerely, Brandice L.

Cortney Davis  on 10/7/2020 4:59:30 PM

Yes I applied for this scholarship because I need some assistance paying for school. I really want to graduate within the next year. I'm a Sophomore currently attending Colorado Technical University online. I do dialysis three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I try to attend class's everyday but on those does I'm sometimes too week. I'

Christy Wright 09/23/2020  on 9/23/2020 8:02:55 PM

My name is christy wright im a full time student at victor valley college an a great studnet . I have been in college for 5 years now and I really want to graduate sometime soon i have a learning disability scene i have been a child which i have a difficulty learaning differnt then others, i have anxiety and depression an speech impediment, an memory loss. I lost my mother a few years ago an she was my last surviving parent taking care of me all my life till i started college, I am alone now an trying to continue my education an have been struggling to stay in school and during covid-19 makes it harder for school. i am applying for this grant so i can continue my education an graduate thank you so much for your time.

Autumn W  on 8/23/2020 9:20:18 PM

Hello my name is Autumn, I'm a sophomore student with ADD. I'm currently taking online classes at Madison college this fall but plan transfer back to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater spring semester due to Covid-19. With a major in elementary education and a passion for teaching, I would like to become Reading Interventionist. I want to work hard towards reaching my goals so I can help others.

Micaela P  on 7/15/2020 8:12:14 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I have a moderate hearing loss. I have been in college for 6 years now and I really want to graduate this next year. My hearing loss has made school very difficult my entire life even with hearing aids. The cost of college is so much and I would appreciate any money that could help me get my degree in psychology. I want to help others in my position in the future so that they can get resources in aiding their future.

Diane T  on 2/1/2016 7:30:09 PM

I am applying for this scholarship to put my Cancer Survivor ship, Hearing Loss, ADHD, PTSD and Domestic Violence scars in many ways in the right area. I want to be a Physician Assistant and continue my work with The American Red Cross. I hope I can get a little help with my Vision as I want to open my own clinic someday to help the people like me who fell through the cracks in the community. I want to be a real blessing to my patients and my family as I use my Second Chance wisely.

Sherena B  on 2/1/2016 5:21:57 PM

I would also like to know how to register. I am a single Mother of one. I started going to college to obtain my Associate's Degree in Computer Applied Science for Graphic and Web Design when my life was completely turned around after being physically assaulted. I sustained a broken ankle in multiple places. I had plates, pins and screws placed in my ankle. I was on crutches, and in a wheelchair for months. I lost my range of motion and now my cartilage is non-existent. As a result of being on crutches long term I developed a skin condition which I recently had my 2nd surgery, in which I am still recovering. As a result of this condition I have developed fibromyalgia. With all of my health issues one after another I gave up going to school. It is sad because I only have 7 classes remaining. I work part time in the technical field teaching adults how to use computers. So I know exactly the career path I want and physically it’s one of the only jobs I can have now due to my inability to stand for long periods of time. I would love to finish my degree.

Tracey T  on 1/9/2016 6:41:22 PM

Where is the "register now" link?

Amy V  on 8/12/2015 11:48:32 AM

I am applying for this scholarships because I have a speech disability, a specific learning disability, ADHD, anxiety and depression which I am on a supplement for ADHD, anxiety, and depression which is working. I have epolisy as well. I want to go to college. I want to learned as much as I can so I can be an blessing for my future children and people around the world. I hoping to bless other lives. I want to be a Park Naturalist. I feel in that way, I can meet so many people, and be a blessing in their life. I can help them experience the love, the joy, and the wonders of nature. I have a few different interests in what I can become. I haven't applied for this scholarship yet. Do I go to the the website to do so? I know I can be a blessing in the life of many because of the challenges I have face in my life.

BERNADETTE G  on 7/24/2015 11:01:12 AM

There is no link to this scholarship, where do I submit my essay?

chad D  on 5/12/2015 7:41:58 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because when I was fourteen year old I was diagnosed with (psc) primary sclerosis cholangitis. When I was twenty eight I received I liver transplant. i was within days of passing away. In fact its amazing that I am still alive. I learn to respect everything. Even life's little things such as sitting up in bed, eating, walking, and yes even working. I also, learned that life is to short to not due what you truly want to do. So with the help of this scholarship, I will be able to return to college and pursue my goal of becoming a surgical technician. And help people the way I have been. Thank you for the opportunity.

Christina C  on 3/25/2015 3:07:19 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I feel that it is a good fit for me. I believe in the value of continuing to learn in your life both through what you experience every day in your life and through a more formal education. I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a stroke. the stroke took me three years of hard fighting and much therapy to regain what the stroke took from me. I had to learn to walk again, talk, feed my self, dress myself, read, write and all the other skills of taking care of myself that many people take for granted. I value education, both informal from life and formal in a place of education. I have an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education and look to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Religion/Theology. This scholarship will see me on my way to completing what has been a dream of mine for most of my life.