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$25,000 Scholarship - National Constitution Bee


Deadline Varies

Awards Available: 1

  • Scholarship Description
  • After extensive communications with National Constitution Bee organizers and venue providers, we have come to the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 National Constitution Bee until October 17th in Washington, D.C.

    All of our Round One competitions – currently scheduled in Michigan and Tennessee in April; North Carolina and Minnesota in May; and Virginia in June – are postponed until September and early October. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Scholarship Committee
  • 5016 Spedale Court, Number 184
  • Spring Hill, TN 37174
  • jcarr@nationalconstitutionbee.org
  • 615-429-6692

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Celia W  on 3/23/2020 11:41:01 PM

I want to apply for this scholarship because I want to attend medical school and become a physician. I can't afford that after undergraduate school without this scholarship.

Esmene. F  on 3/13/2020 3:00:50 PM

I've applied to scholarships and trying to find the time for it cause I've been through trauma and courts and my mom's a single mom and always on a budget and me working part time. Because financially we wont be able to make it by myself. And my dad and mom are getting divorced my senior year and my dad gets out of prison this year in August but he wont be apart of our lives anymore. And i'm just trying to make my mom proud that I can make it to college cause if I don't get this scholarship I wont be able to go to college to pursue my career.

Samuela M  on 3/10/2020 11:48:21 AM

If I’m an American student abroad is there still a way for me to join the competition?

Ja’Mya N  on 2/26/2020 5:30:03 PM

I’m apply for scholarships because I always said when it’s time for me to go to college I was going to be a social worker. I’m always around kids and felt like I can make a change in children lives when in a unfit home. I’m going to be the first female in my family who goes off to college and is trying to make a change to be able to help my family and others also.

Stephen L  on 2/3/2020 12:25:10 PM

My entire life I have wanted to go to college. Everywhere I look there something about college. I want to become an electrician. This way I can support my family. I want to be the first in my family to go to college. Financially my family can not afford it. This is one of the many scholarships im hoping to get. Sincerely Thank you

Mark B  on 10/25/2019 6:00:59 PM

I applied to the scholarship, because I wish to take a career in music (either teaching, therapy, or just performing) and I feel in order to become the best at my craft, I need to go to college. I usually wouldn't ask anyone to pay for something, but sadly I had parents divorced, my mother unemployed, and a car accident not too long ago. I am okay with whatever result I get, I just need the help.

Isaiah A  on 10/25/2019 5:32:21 PM

I would love to get this scholarship to help me progress in my future career in life. I come from a hard working family from a rural Midwestern town in Missouri. My parents have always told to me to work hard and apply for scholarships and I can live the life I want to live.

Jakaylin K  on 10/16/2019 8:16:54 PM

I need this scholarship to pay for college. I wish to become a teacher and I won't be able to do that without this scholarship.

Jacob D  on 10/11/2019 7:17:42 AM

I need this scholarship to help pay for college. My mom is disabled and is very sick. Her dream is I go to college that is all she says. I cant go unless I get financial help. So I really need this so I can make mom proud and fulfill my dream and moms Thanks

Ryan D  on 10/5/2019 10:24:34 AM

I need this agree because i want to become a musician and mechanic and help people in my community and around the world and let people know that u can succeed no matter where u come from. thank u

Monasia L  on 10/4/2019 9:31:20 AM

I need this scholarship to help me with pursing my dream of becoming a nurse. I'm very passionate when it comes to helping those who are in need. I'm very dedicated to all my school work, working very hard to keep good grades I just pray that my hard work will continue to help me get closer to my goal of being a nurse and not be stopped due to lack of funds. I live in a single parent home, my mom works very hard to care for me and my brother. This scholarship will help take the load off my mom and help towards my career.

Ani M  on 10/2/2019 8:57:09 PM

I need this scholarship to help my parents on paying for my college as I’m a kid of emigrants parents and the first generation of appliying to college...! Thank you

Andrew K  on 9/23/2019 5:50:40 PM

I need this scholarship because I want to get a business degree and help people in needs. I’m trying to get this scholarship, I’ve worked hard for my education and I want to show other kids that anyone can succeed.

Candy U  on 9/11/2019 10:39:49 PM

I need this scholarship because I want to accomplish one of the most important goals in my life. I want to be the first woman in my family to get a college degree. This is why I’m trying to get this scholarship, I’ve worked hard for my education.I learned a whole different language just to study in this country I also learned French and I know I deserve this scholarship and I’m going to show it.

Amber W  on 9/10/2019 12:21:02 PM

I want this scholarship to not only further my own education, but to do so by helping to further others' as well. This is a great topic to bring to awareness and it is something that needs to be addressed.

Jhovany O  on 9/8/2019 10:09:40 AM

I want this award so I can get ahead in life my family come from a poor background

Gerson C  on 9/6/2019 2:51:12 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I want to succeed in my life and show people that anything is impossible and that scholarships are real!!!

Jhovany O  on 9/3/2019 4:11:39 PM

I want this award so I can get ahead in life my family come from a poor background

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